Unique positive opportunities for vision impaired children



Want to find out more about Useful Vision and the services we offer? We’ve included some of the most frequently asked questions by families, but do contact us if you’d like to know more or have any other questions.

About Useful Vision

What age must my child be to take advantage of Useful Vision’s services?

We welcome children and their families from birth right up to 18 years old.

Do we need to be referred by a professional?

Not at all. While some of our families come to us from recommendations by professionals, many others contact and register with us directly.

Do we have to pay to register for Useful Vision?

No. Registration is absolutely free, and we’ll immediately add you to our mailing list for events and activities. Most of our activities are free, although we sometimes make a small charge for catering or specialist activities. We will tell you about any such events in advance.

How will I receive information from Useful Vision?

Whichever way you prefer… by post, email or telephone!

What if I am a VI parent/ carer?

We offer transport to families with vi parents or carers, and information is always given in a way accessible to you.  We also offer extra volunteer help at family events.

What if my child has other disabilities?

Children of all abilities are welcome at all our family events and we try to make sure everything is accessible.

Does my child need to be registered blind?

No. We offer support to families with children who have a significant sight defect, but that does not always mean your child is registered blind.