Unique positive opportunities for vision impaired children


Our Supporters

Without the kindness of our supporters, many vision impaired children and their families in the North East would be unable to enjoy some of the activities and educational experiences others take for granted. We are very grateful to all the individuals and businesses that have supported us. They are:

2017 Donations

Children In Need – Christopher Rowbotham Charitable Trust – Nunsmoor Trust Access Fund – The Community Foundation – The Joicey Trust – The Ridley Family Charity – Lady Captain’s Charity – Catherine Cookson Charitable Trust – Run Geordie Run – SOS Groupn Ltd – Newcastle Diamonds Speedway – D-Line – Dom Copinger – Durham Masonic Male Voice Choir – Gemma Hood – Una Warren – Katie Holmes & Ernst & Young Serivces Ltd – Co-op Food Ryton – Kirsty Robertson & Berghaus – Adam Henson’s Cotswold Farm Park – Family & Friends of the late Mrs G Henson – WHSmith Group Charitable Trust.

2016 Donations

Children In Need – Dan Slee – The Cotswold School – ‘Men in a cloud’ Choir, Doxford Place Methodist Church – Komatsu Charity Panel – Mr & Mrs Laycock – Joanne Peart – Kimberley Pearson – Nick Wilson – Naheed Haq & Friends – Stuart Sime – Venetia Craggs – Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals Finance Department – Caroline McHarg – Sherburn House Charity – MG Northumbria – Visual Impairment North East (VINE) – Comic Relief – Robert Wood Trust Fund – Northumbrian Water – Daisy Marr Fund – Catherine Cookson Fund – Nunsmoor Centre Trust – On Spec Optical Company LTD – Cotswold Farm Park – Classics in Corbridge – Alan Richardson & The Alba Northern Welfare & Charity Committee – Thanks to everyone who has sold and bought Christmas Cards.

2015 Donations

Children In Need – Comic Relief Community Cash Fund – The Ridley Family Charity – The P&G Fund – Visual Impairment North East (VINE) – The Primary Club – Gary Day and The Graduates – BLP North Ltd. – Northumbria Water – Mr D Barkess – Jane Hughes – Val Neal – Parmley Graham – Mr RJ Donmall – Gill & Paul Martinson – The Hugonin Family Trust – family of the late Tom Humphrey – Stuart Sime and Jabba’s Palace – The Mighty Mongo – Arcot Hall Golf Club – Nunsmoor Access Fund – Erica Newland – Lewis James Owen – North East Optical Society – Alfie Henson – Cotswold Farm Park – Members of Yoden Masonic Lodge – Howard Family – Welsh Family – George Martin – Festog – ‘Spiderman’ Sean Sansom – Bethany Ruiz-Watson – Simon Grant – Jennie Bailey – Mr & Mrs Greaves – Duke of Devonshire’s Charitable Trust – Tees FM Radio Cash for Kids – Blue Flames Sporting club fireworks collection – Friends and Family of the late Mr Joe Henson – Friends and family of the late Mrs Ruth Britten – Newton & Bywell Fireworks collection – Willan Trust – Longstaff Family – Smart Office Systems – Steve Ditchburn – Thanks to everyone who has sold and bought Christmas Cards.

2014 Donations

Children in Need – Nunsmoor Access fund – The Childrens Foundation – Visual Impairment North East (VINE) – Catherine Cookson Charitable Trust – Christs Hospital in Sherburn – Northumberland County Council Community Chest – Sir James Knott Trust – John Newton Legacy – Emma Forbes – Steve Hodgetts – Sean Connoly – Lianne Sunter – Zephrine Warde- Aldam – Darren Tambin Jnr & Snr – Paige Fulcher – Joe Henson – Health & Safety Executive – Lloyds Community Foundation – St James’ and St Basil’s Parochial Church Council – Durham Masonic Male Voice Choir – Moseley Lodge of Mark Mason – Parmley Graham – Lloyds Bank (Ponteland Branch) – Waitrose, Eldon Square – Christopher & David Maddison.

Thank you. Your support is invaluable. By raising funds and spreading awareness, we are able to support and ever-increasing number of children and families across the North East.

To get involved in the fun, complete our ‘help us’ form – or to share some generosity visit our donation page.

We’d also love to hear from those of you interested in becoming a corporate sponsor; call us on 0845 604 8491 or email office@usefulvision.org.uk.