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At Home Activities

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A welcoming place for all our children to share artwork, cooking and craft pieces they have completed at home. Our Facebook page will be sharing fun ideas to "try at home". Below, you can find "how to do" information for various activities, such as kite making. We love to receive photographs of your special creations and will be sharing them on this page for all to enjoy.

Activity Ideas On Our Facebook Page

September: Kite Making - What will I need?

A piece of material
(A plastic tablecloth would be perfect, but you can use any medium duty tarp or plastic sheeting. Thick wrapping paper or a bin bag can also work for single use kites.

Heavy Duty Tape

String or fishing line

Small bells to create a chiming sound


Marker pens or paint to decorate as you wish

2 wooden dowels from a garden centre or hardware shop, or bamboo skewers

Full instructions can be found using the link below. These are printable or can be opened on a digital device.

Download Make a Kite Instructions