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Comedy Club Workshop 4 Kids (via Zoom)

  • Sunday 23rd May 2021
  • 2:00PM - 3:00PM
  • Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Skills Workshops

Suitable for ages: Age 6+

Come and join our Comedy Workshop 4 Kids facilitated by The Comedy Club. The aim of the workshop is for the children to produce quality stand up comedy. The session will involve lots of practical tips – like how to use the microphone and how to stand onstage – but also games and tasks to help them come up with material and feel comfortable onstage.

We believe there’s great power in comedy and laughter. Humour is vital for everybody, and it brings happiness as well as new ways of thinking about the world and seeing things. It can be a way of making your ideas stick, if you make people laugh while explaining them. It can be an excellent way to draw in friends, and bond a friendship group. Laughter is one of the few universal human methods of communication too, and laughter is infectious. Little kids learn about puns and homophones through jokes; a love of language can make you a deft wordsmith. And in the workshops we see kids coming out of their shells through comedy, being listened to and appreciated in a safe space which means bully taunts at school don’t wound so easily. The over-riding ethos is to help children  come up with their own stand-up material, based on their own lives and experiences.


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