Join  us with Zoe  from Void Derry and make your own painting tools from materials you find around your house or outside and explore what kinds of marks you can create!
Using found materials in and outside of the house, join Zoe  to explore mark making with your own home-made tools. See how everyday materials can be transformed to create amazing mark making tools. Explore different textures while creating your own unique artwork!



This is a wonderfully relaxing activity to explore your artistic side and create a colourful bird feeder to brighten up your day! With a trio of high quality ceramic paints you will explore the colour wheel and inspire your creative thinking. Then once dry, fill with our bird treat medley ready to hang in the garden, from your balcony or outside your front door and treat the birds.

Each person will receive enough materials to paint the bird feeder provided, and a small pouch of bird food (so be aware of any seed allergies). Children will each need a cup of water, old plastic tubs (like bottle caps, yoghurt pots) for mixing colours, and some kitchen roll or tissue.


Come and join us in this fun workshop delivered by the lovely Crafty Hen Company. Recycle your tin cans and turn them into a luxurious bug hotel! With a bounty of natural textures and range of bug-friendly goodies provided you will be shown how to safely transform tin cans into a diverse three-room bug hotel, before decorating with a range of natural materials on the outside to entice critters inside.


Come and join our Comedy Workshop 4 Kids facilitated by The Comedy Club. The aim of the workshop is for the children to produce quality stand up comedy. The session will involve lots of practical tips – like how to use the microphone and how to stand onstage – but also games and tasks to help them come up with material and feel comfortable onstage.

We believe there’s great power in comedy and laughter. Humour is vital for everybody, and it brings happiness as well as new ways of thinking about the world and seeing things. It can be a way of making your ideas stick, if you make people laugh while explaining them. It can be an excellent way to draw in friends, and bond a friendship group. Laughter is one of the few universal human methods of communication too, and laughter is infectious. Little kids learn about puns and homophones through jokes; a love of language can make you a deft wordsmith. And in the workshops we see kids coming out of their shells through comedy, being listened to and appreciated in a safe space which means bully taunts at school don’t wound so easily. The over-riding ethos is to help children  come up with their own stand-up material, based on their own lives and experiences.


Come and join us and enjoy making some Thumbprint Cookies (shortbread biscuits with jam in the middle),  with our lovely teacher Farah from the Kitchen Skills Studio. Farah is a passionate, knowledgeable, enthusiastic cook and is looking forward to sharing her skills with you, helping you cook away the lockdown boredom!

You will receive a shopping and prep list in advance of the class.

Useful Vision Choir – For our regular choir members and anyone else who would like to join us.

Useful Vision Choir – For our regular choir members and anyone else who would like to join us.


Ages 8 – 12 (1.00pm to 1.45pm)

Roll up! Roll up! Come and join in our amazing Greatest Showman Musical Theatre workshop, brought to you by Tiny T’s Storytelling and Theatre. There will be storytelling, games, singing and dancing all based on ‘The Greatest Showman’.  Dream big and use your imagination.

For this session you can wear anything comfortable or you can dress up in circus gear if you like!

For the dancing and singing you will need some colourful scarves or fabrics, something to balance with – a soft toy or bean bag and a blanket.

We will be singing and dancing to the song ‘A Million Dreams’






Ages 12 – 18 (2.30pm to 3.15pm)

Come and join our Theatre Workshop for teenagers brought to you by Tiny T’s Storytelling and Theatre. There will be storytelling, games, singing and dancing all based on ‘Mary Poppins’. All you need is a little extra magic and you can do anything.

For this session you will need a hat and a scarf to use as a prop during dancing. Wear anything comfortable and if you have a mat you can bring that too

Come and join us for our 40 minute fun, tactile, ‘Texture and Sculpture’ Workshop using salt dough. You will make your salt dough with materials from the kitchen cupboard, with a very simple recipe which will be sent to you before the session. Your finished salt dough sculptures can either be air-dried or oven-dried to set.

Salt Dough is a great material for making basic sculptures and three-dimensional craft projects and  is an all-natural alternative to commercial play dough and homemade air dry clay.

Your finished salt dough sculptures can either be air-dried or oven-dried to set. You can then decorate your sculptures if you wish in your own time.

We have two sessions as follows:

Ages 5 – 11: 10am to 10.40am   (40 minute session)                                     

Ages 12 – 18: 11am to 11.40am (40 minute session)




Due to the popularity of our Zoom Drama Group sessions, we will be carrying this on with another 6 week block of fortnightly sessions, in partnership with Claire and Darren from Celebration Stations. The Drama Group will  be held on a Saturday morning, and will be from 9.00am to 10.30am. The dates for Drama are:

1st May 2021

15th May 2021

29th May 2021

12th June 2021

26th June 2021

10th July 2021

If you would like to join us, please contact our Charity Coordinator on mobile number 07544301166 or email office@usefulvision.org.uk. We would really love to see as many of you as possible joining in. We will need to know the type of the device you would be using to access the session for example, telephone, laptop, ipad, tablet or desktop etc. and  any access equipment or software young people use as aids.