• Useful Vision
  • Wednesday 28th September 2022


Useful Vision Team Completes Hadrian’s Wall Challenge

The Useful Vision team followed in the footsteps of the Romans, completing the 84-mile trek along Hadrian’s Wall in just five days. They began the coast-to-coast expedition in Bowness-On-Solway on Monday, September 19th and finished at Segedunum, Wallsend the following Friday.


Team members, Ciara, Caitie, and Sophie, at the starting line in Bowness-On-Solway

Team members, Ciara, Caitie, and Sophie, at the starting line in Bowness-On-Solway


Emperor Hadrian ordered the construction of the defensive wall in 122AD, to guard the north-west frontier of the Roman Empire against the Caledonian tribes of ancient Scotland. Hadrian’s Wall was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987 – the first national trail to receive this recognition. 2022 marks 1900 years since the wall’s completion.

Activities Co-ordinator Ciara said the walk was ‘a tough but amazing experience.’

‘Crossing the finish line at Segedunum felt like such an emotional and fantastic achievement after an extremely difficult week. Some of the days were long, the weather was not always on our side, and we picked up a lot of blisters. However, we remained positive, had a good laugh, and raised funds for an incredible cause, so overall it was a brilliant challenge and thoroughly enjoyable week!’

The team carried all their supplies with them, including five days’ worth of food. Communications Officer Caitie said, ‘I never want to look at a pot noodle again!’

‘Although the journey was incredibly difficult at times, especially walking 26 miles in one day, narrowly avoiding a cow attack, and the countless blisters, it was such a rewarding and memorable experience’ she continued. ‘I wouldn’t have made it without my colleagues – we kept each other going. Our morale was boosted by passing through some of the most scenic areas of the country, from picturesque villages to rolling hills to the iconic robin hood tree at sycamore gap. I feel so grateful to everyone who supported us, and I want to extend a massive thank you for all the donations.’

The team reaching the finish line at Segedunum

The team reaching the finish line at Segedunum


At the time of writing, the team have managed to raise a whopping £6741 for Useful Vision. As a small charity, fundraising is an essential lifeline for Useful Vision. Without generous donations, we would not be able to keep supporting families and giving visually impaired children life-affirming experiences.

Team leader Sophie said ‘it was such a privilege to fundraise for Useful Vision, as I have seen first-hand the impact of attending activities has had on our families. Thank you so much to everyone who has kindly donated, meaning we can deliver even more opportunities to visually impaired children and their families.’

There is still time to donate if you would like to support us, click here to find out more about our campaign.